Elaydren d'Cannith

House Cannith contact




Elaydren directly represents Baroness Jorlanna d’Cannith, head of House Cannith West in Fairhaven, Aundair. As Jorlana’s representative in Sharn, she handles any business contracts with Brelish clients and conducts any negotations West makes with House Cannith South of Sharn.

Elaydren was quietly working with Provost Bonal Geldem of Morgrave University to recover a Cannith creation schema lost in Sharn during the War of the Mark 1,000 years ago. She doesn’t want this to come to the attention of Cannith South.

After Bonal’s death, Elaydren hired the party to recover the schema from the depths of Sharn. She is currently trying to identify its purpose, though it is clear that other fragments remain.

She was very pleased with the party’s work and has indicated that more work may crop up in the future.

Elaydren d'Cannith

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